Retrosonic Pro Audio RA312 500-series Mic Preamp


  • €672,00
20% VAT included.

Legendary 70’s API console sound in 500 format. The design is based on API 312 preamp with some careful layout adjustments to keep noise levels down.

Key features: 

- 60dB overall gain
- Custom input and output transformers
- Standard 2520 DOA socket
- 2520 DOA fitted

- 500 format compatible design
- Grayhill stepped Gain control
- Variable output volume T-pad
- Custom socketed 2520 DOA
- Custom wound input transformer in numetal can enclosure for lower noise levels
- Custom wound output transformer matching the original API desk properties
- Metal oxide film resistors
- Low impedance signal and power capacitors

- Phantom power for microphones
- PAD switch: -20dB
- Phase switch
- Authentic control knobs
- Module is fully built on a PCB
- All components are THT

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