Maselec MTC-1X Stereo Mastering Transfer Console

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The MTC-1X measures 3 U height with a depth ‘behind panel’ of 260mm and 10kg weight. The front control surface has 43 push-button controls with LED lights and 12 high quality rotary switches. Gold XLRs are used for all audio connections, assisting the use of highest quality cables. Connecting and rearranging external equipment is very easy.

The MTC-1X is structured into four different sections:

1. The Input section:

  • Input source selection
  • Phase invert for left and right
  • Separate Left and Right gain controls (1/2dB steps) 5dB additional gain selectable for low level sources  
  • Low-cut and High-cut filters Independent 
  • Cut controls for left and right

2. The Insert section has six insert points and offers additional powerful functions:

  • M-S with gain control for the ‘difference’ signal Inserts 1 & 2 equipment swap (FLIP) Insert 4 or Inserts 2-4 cross-fade or additive mix with the use of a rotary switch. This function could be used for ‘parallel’ compression or adding reverb  
  • Inserts 4 & 5 equipment swap (FLIP)  
  • Insert 6 can be moved to Post Output. This is the preferred position for a brick-wall limiter.

3. The Output section:

  • Separate Left and Right gain controls (1/2dB steps)  
  • Elliptical filter with 20 frequencies *  
  • Stereo Width control; from mono to extra wide *  
  • Output Cut control * 
  • The stereo image circuits are identical to the famous controls of the MTC-2.

4. The Monitor section:

  • 4 external Monitor Sources  
  • Monitor of the Input and Output sections  
  • 2 speaker feeds  
  • 0 to10dB, 1/2dB steps, offset trim for inputs S1 and S2  
  • Monitor of the Stereo-, Left-, Right-, Monoor Difference- signal  
  • Individual Cut controls for Left and Right speakers  
  • Progressive Dim function  
  • Meter output, with –6dB, -8dB and –10dB offsets

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