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Class-A Summing Mixer

The MixDream XP is intended as a puristic extension for the MixDream. As a stand-alone 16-in-2 summing device with Class A technology, it is in no way inferior to its big brother in terms of sound quality.

Analog Summing

Analog summing with the MixDream XP brings intense depth, precise localisation and impressive spatiality.

Individual instruments mix with smooth transitions. 

Mono For All

All channel pairs can be switched mono, so that two signals can be converted by one D/A chip each.

For this purpose, the signals that are placed in the phantom center of the stereo mix (e.g. kick, snare, lead vocal, bass) are panned hard left/right in the DAW.

Variable Output

The Main Output and the Monitor Output can be made controllable by activating the Variable Output. Then both the recording and the monitor level can be freely adjusted between -14 dB and +7 dB.

Expansion Input

If 16 channels are not enough when summing, the expansion input can be used as another stereo input.

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