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Warm Up Your Sound

* TAIP brings the true sound and behavior of analog tape into your DAW
* Use it to add organic saturation and life to sterile drums, instruments and vocals
* Intuitive and versatile feature set: customize any tape flavor for any need


* Drive:
TAIP's most important parameter - add a subtle touch of warmth or extreme saturation (or anything in between)
* Mix:
Run your tape in parallel. Or combine the "Wear" and "Mix" parameters to create tape flanging.
* Model:
"Single" brings you one tape emulation, while "Dual" combines two in a series.
* Lo/Hi-Shape:
Saturates the low/high end more or less than the rest of the frequency spectrum.
* Glue:
Exaggerates the compression effect that naturally occurs in tape recordings.
* Noise:
Adds more tape noise - or removes it entirely.
* Presence:
Brings back the brightness that gets lost on tape recordings.
* Wear:
Recreates the instabilities of a worn-out tape machine.
* Input:
Lets you distort the signal more - or less - without affecting the output level.
* Auto-Gain:
Lets you add more drive while keeping a consistent plugin output.

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