Heritage Audio HA-81A

msonic Baltic

  • €1.190,00
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The best of both worlds.

Introducing Heritage Audio’s HA-81A: a new mix of 2 classicconsoles. The HA-81A is a channel strip that combines an all discrete, Class-A 73-style mic preamp with the infamous 81-style equalizer — arguably the most in-demand products for all recording engineers.

  • All discrete, class A design featuring Carnhill/St. Ives transformers
  • The ultimate European- style channel strip, with a 73-style preamp and an 81-style equalizer
  • One of the only 81-style equalizers on the market — this design is very hard
    to manufacture, but offers a lot more flexible options than other British-style equalizers
  • An affordable price — why buy a plugin when you can have the real thing?
  • All handmade in the EU at the Heritage Audio factory.

Hybrid design. Heritage quality.

The Heritage HA-81A utilizes only rotary switches and precision, concentric potentiometers. And like all of the products in our Elite range, the HA-81A is built with the most cutting edge methods in manufacturing and design, without
ever compromising audio quality or cutting corners — all at the Heritage headquarters in Spain.