Locomotive Audio Weight Tank WT-72

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The sound of original V72 modules

Inspired by the V72 modules originally built for the German Radio Network, the WT-72 offers 56 dB of gain, which can be driven by a microphone or line level source. The vintage modules only offered 34 dB of gain, so an additional 22 dB of gain is made in the WT-72 with small adjustments to the circuit while maintaining the most sought after tone and character we have all come to love.

Custom input and output transformers, as well as output plate choke help provide the performance and character of its vintage inspiration!

Just as the vintage design required, the WT-72 employs both AC & DC voltage feedback, providing the proper gain and necessary stability.

The all new WT-72 sets gain with attenuation and altering AC & DC voltage feedback. DC feedback switching would normally introduce large pops, causing harm to your monitors, or even worse, your hearing. The user would need to manually lower monitor volume before switching gain, making for a frustrating experience. A special muting system in the WT-72 performs a brief mute of the output between each step of gain. This mute eliminates the loud transient and allows the tubes to stabilize before the output becomes unmuted.

An 11-position rotary switch utilizes both mechanical and photo relays to change the amount of gain, offering great flexibility.

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