McDSP SA-3 Spectral Processor Native V7

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The SA-3 takes the algorithms of the Engineering Emmy Award winning SA-2 Dialog Processor to another level. New features include adding over 1,000 bands of processing, a user programmable Bias Curve, unique Focus, Range, and Density control over spectral processing, side chain support and mid/side processing.

Like the SA-2, the SA-3 is great for removing unwanted spectral spikes in dialog, vocals, and many other kinds of audio inputs. The SA-3 is also able to track and eliminate persistent peaks, at nearly any frequency in the audio spectrum.
The gain reduction, final output, or removed signal can be monitored and metered in the main LCD screen. Plot scales can be adjusted for gain reduction and output displays.

Detect and Monitor
Increasing the Detect value will allow the SA-3 algorithm to intelligently apply its 1,000+ bands to identify and suppress unwanted signals. Pressing the Monitor button allows the user to listen to the removed signal, and observe it in the main LCD window.

Mid / Side

The stereo version of the SA-3 can be configured for mid / side processing. This can be useful for removing spikes and/or resonant frequencies from the mid and side channels. The main LCD window can display the left (mid) or right (side) total Bias Curve plot by pressing the "L" and "R" text buttons in the upper right corner of the plot area.

The SA-3 spectral processing can be emphasized (or de-emphasized) with the Bias Curve. The total Bias Curve response can be adjusted with the Scale and Shift controls. Editable text readouts appear whenever a Bias Curve band (HPF, B1, B2, B3, B4) is selected in the main LCD window, showing Bias Curve Type, Frequency, Gain, Q, and Pan values for the selected band.

  • Over 1,000 bands of processing
  • Detect and Monitor controls to identify and remove signal spikes and persistent overtones
  • User programmable Bias Curve
  • Unique Focus, Range, and Density control over spectral processing
  • Double precision processing
  • Side chain support
  • Mono and stereo versions
Native: AAX Native, AU, VST3

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