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Phonitor 3 is the ultimate headphone amplifier and monitoring controller with 120V technology.

It offers the same monitoring quality as the big SPL mastering consoles
on loudspeakers and headphones.

The analog Phonitor Matrix allows mixing and mastering on headphones in the highest quality with the same spatial perception of the stereo stage as on loudspeakers.

Three analog XLR stereo inputs for various sources and a wide range of monitoring options make it the perfect monitor controller for demanding producers and mixing/mastering engineers.

Phonitor 3 can be equipped with the optional Expansion Rack, which is not only a 19″ rack housing, but it also expands the connection possibilities with three additional switchable stereo outputs for active loudspeakers or power amplifiers.

Great sound – for headphones:

The Phonitor 3 offers connection for a standard headphone with a stereo jack plug on the front. Thanks to the enormous output power, all kind of headphones are driven effortlessly. Thus, it plays out the advantages of the SPL 120V technology and rewards the listener with an honest, detailed and at the same time vivid sound experience.

Great sound – also for loudspeakers:

On the rear of the device, Phonitor 3 offers a stereo output which makes it a high-quality monitoring controller for any monitoring situation. Active speakers with an integrated power amplifier or passive speakers in combination with a power amplifier can be connected at this output.

The DAC768v2 – Only the best is good enough
The converter chip in the Phonitor 3 DAC’s digital/analog converter is the highly acclaimed AKM AK4493 SEQ VELVETSOUNDTM premium DAC chip in the latest version of the SPL DAC “DAC768v2”, which thanks to its architecture reproduces the finest sound details. It impresses with even lower distortion characteristics and a wider dynamic range than its predecessor.

It converts PCM audio with a resolution of 32 bits and a sampling rate of up to 768 kHz, which is equivalent to 16 times CD resolution. Direct Stream Digital is also supported up to a resolution of DSD4 or DSD256.

The DAC768v2 features the newest version of the Spartan FPGA – Spartan 7.
In contrast to the smaller SPL DAC “DAC768xs”, it not only offers an AES/EBU digital input, but also the new, optimized SPL SLP120 with 120V technology.

The SPL Expansion Rack is not only a 19” rack housing for the Phonitor 3 it also expands the connection possibilities.
A passive four-way switch integrated into the Expansion Rack allows the Phonitor 3 speaker output signal to be switched between up to four stereo speaker pairs.

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