SPL PQ Mastering Equalizer Black

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Mastering Equalizer

This is a unique equalizer – for several reasons. It has two times five fully parametric filter bands, each of which can be switched between constant Q and proportional Q! And there’s sheer unlimited headroom and a very special kind of EQ sound – thanks to 120V technology.

Stepped Potentiometers
Recall of all settings is easy thanks to the potentiometers with 41 steps.

Cut/Boost & 1/4 Gain
Each filter band can be boosted or cut up to 20 dB.

If only minimal changes are required, the 1/4 Gain switch can be used to reduce the boost or cut range from +/-20 dB to +/-5 dB.

We have designed the frequency distribution to overlap widely between the bands, so that problematic frequencies can also be addressed with two bands.

  • LF: 10 Hz – 330 Hz
  • LMF: 33 Hz – 1 kHz
  • MF: 128 Hz – 4.1 kHz
  • MHF: 310 Hz – 10.2 kHz
  • HF: 760 Hz – 24 kHz

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