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The Vanguard VSSM is a heavy-duty, professional-grade shockmount designed to give your mics long-lasting, high-grade support.

The VSSM comes as a standard accessory for the Vanguard V1 Multi-Capsule Pencil Condenser Kit. However, it is a superior shockmount for a wide variety of condenser, ribbon, shotgun, and dynamic microphones from several brands, with a diameter of up 30mm. Consult the list below to see compatible microphone models.

Advanced Audio – CM1084
AKG – 
C451, C460, C391B, P170
AMT – AMT404
Audio-Technica – AT2021, AT4041, AT4021, AT4022, AT4051, AT4053B, AT8015, AT8035, AT875R, AT897, ATM450, Pro 37,
Audix – f9, f15, ADX51, TM1
Avantone – CK-1
Behringer – B-5, C-2, C-4, ECM8000
Beyerdynamic – TG I53, MCE 72,
Blue – Hummingbird,
CAD – C9, GXL1200BP, ICM417
DPA – 4011A, 4006A, 4091
Earthworks – DP30-C, P30C-B, P30C-W, SR20/25/30/30HC/40/40HC, TC20/25/30QTC30/40/50
Electro-Voice – PL37
GoldenAge – FC4
Lauten – LA120
Miktek – C5
Mojave – MA100, MA101
MXL – 991, 993, 603S
Nady∫ – CM88
Neumann – KM84/85/86, KM183/184/185,
Oktava – MK012, MC012,
Peluso – P84, CEMC 6
Røde – NT4, NT5, NT55, M5, NTG1/2/3
Royer – R-121, R-121 LIVE, R-122 MKII, R-122 MKII LIVE, R-122V, SF12
Samson – CO2
Schoeps – CMC641, Collette, CMC6
sE Electronics – sE5, RN17
Sennheiser – e614, e914, MKH 40, MKH 50, MKH 800, MKH 8040 (w/ XLR Module only)
Shure – Beta 181, SM81,  SM94, SM137, KSM37
Sterling – S30,
Studio Projects – C4
Telefunken USA – M60/61/62, ELA M 260

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